What Is Drain Water Heat Recovery and How Can It Help You Be Greener?

What Is Drain Water Heat Recovery and How Can It Help You Be Greener?

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Corporations are more responsible for emissions than consumers, but individual habits still play a serious role. Most people want to live a “greener” life, but many aren’t sure where to start.

Drain water heat recovery is a simple step towards energy-efficient living. The water-saving technology doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves, so brush up with this no-nonsense primer.

The Drain Water Heat Recovery Method

The term “drain water heat recovery unit” might sound like complicated industrial equipment. The device and how it works are simple in reality. Here’s the method in three steps.

Step 1: Using Hot Water

Drain water must be warm or hot for the process to work. The first step is using hot water and sending the excess down the drain.

All that means is taking a regular shower, bath, washing your hands…you don’t have to do anything new.

Step 2: Fresh Water Coils Absorb the Warmth

Step 2 is where the drain water heat recovery unit comes in. Fresh water comes into your house through copper coils wrapped around the drainpipe. Those coils are the heat recovery unit.

They’re made from copper because it’s the second-most heat-conductive metal and cheaper than the very most—silver. The coils absorb heat from the drainpipe as wastewater flows through.

Step 3: Preheat for a Quick Return

The copper coils transfer heat to the fresh, cool water they carry. The pre-warmed water fills your heater’s tank so the water flowing from the tap warms sooner than it otherwise would.

Why Is Heat Recovery Good for the Earth?

Now you know what a drain water heat recovery unit is and how it works. Keep reading to learn why this mechanism is a great addition to a sustainable bathroom and home.

Saving Water

More power to the few who go the extra mile to hop in a cold shower to save water, but let’s be honest…most won’t.

A heat recovery system is a water-saving technology that also gives you a warm shower sooner than not. It saves water indirectly because you don’t run the tap as long while waiting for the water to warm.

Saving Energy

Hot weather warms your pipes so you save money despite regular hot tub soaks. Don’t let high utility bills shock you when cool weather comes. Heat recovery technology saves energy and money by pre-warming water all year round.

Whether squeezing the last years from an old model or considering new water heaters at QBIC, you’ll save money with a drain water heat recovery unit. Best, pair one on your waste stack with an already energy-efficient water heater and appliances. You’ll ensure more sustainable bathroom, kitchen, and laundry area water usage.

Save Time, Money, and the Planet With Great Tips

These basics of drain water heat recovery will help you make your home more energy-efficient, lower your bills, and reduce your carbon footprint.

You’re on the right site to learn other ways to save money and be a better Earth citizen without wasting any time. Click on another great article for more quick, reliable tips and information.

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