What to do in Vegas Alone?

What to do in Vegas Alone?

Las Vegas is a dream come true, right? Also called Sin City and known as the world’s entertainment capital, Las Vegas is home to several renowned casinos and live performances.

If you’re looking forward to visiting Las Vegas and belong to a VWP-eligible country, then you’re lucky because you can apply for the esta visa and travel to the US.

Fill the esta visa application form with all the required details – your employment history, the purpose of travel, personal information, and past criminal records, if any. After filling the form, submit it for verification and authorization, upon which you will get your esta for las vegas.

Individuals with an esta visa can stay hassle-free in the US for 90 days. Once your esta visa is assigned to you, it will be eligible for two years.

Crazy Horse Paris Las Vegas

The Crazy Horse Paris is an entertaining & artistic show presented in the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. The show has a history that goes back to 1951 in France, where the creator Alain Bernardin came up with the concept of blending art, sexuality, and culture.

The show commences with 12 half-nude women gracing the stage – They perform erotic dances combined with striptease. The highlights are the colourful lights and strobe projected on their bodies while they perform.

Crazy Horse Paris is one of the shows in Sin City that you do not want to miss. Thousands of individuals frequent the shows and have called it “One of the reasons for visiting Vegas.”

Daytime Shows in Vegas

There is plenty to explore in Vegas, whether you are travelling alone or with your friends. Here are the top choices for you, and you can choose one to depend on your tastes for Football betting(แทงบอล)


This a popular mind-reading show, live at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and performed by the renowned mentalist Frederic Da Silva. The show includes acts like mind-reading, hypnosis, and magic.


Mystere is a family entertainment performance produced by a Canadian entertainment company; however, you can book your seats for the same at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. The performance includes crazy acrobatic stunts.

Blue Man Group:

The Blue Man Group are one of the most-loved performance in Vegas; they will ensure you go home with loads of good memories. The performance includes some light-hearted banter, music, visual & sound shows, and theatrics.

Las Vegas Natural Attractions

Don’t think Vegas is just for bars and casinos. There are plenty of natural attractions to visit too – and we tell you about a few of them below.

Floyd Lamb Park

A huge park spanning more than 2,000 acres – Floyd Lamb Park is located at Tule Springs and houses several sites like the Tule Springs Ranch, Tule Springs Archaeological Site, and four ponds. You can also enjoy some horseback riding and mountain trails while you’re here.

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

If you find hiking or riding a mountain bike on rugged trails, Sloan Canyon is your next destination. The area features well-maintained, rough, but simple hiking and biking trails.

Clark County Wetlands Park

Being at Clark County Wetlands Park, you can get involved in various activities like hiking, taking a stroll through the woods, or the most popular, birdwatching. The park is located on the east side of Las Vegas Valley.

Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

A United States National Monument, it spans over 22,650 acres and is a popular tourist spot. If you don’t mind a little heat, loves to explore rare locations, and want to do some fossil hunting, this place might be for you.

Relax in Vegas

Waldorf Astoria Tea House

This tea house is housed on the 23rd floor of the Waldorf Hotel. It is the ideal place to chill after a crazy day at your favourite casino. Order an afternoon tea from various options, accompanied with a light dessert or snack, which will go well with a mesmerizing view of the city.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Couldn’t get a delightful experience of the Bellagio’s fountains? Don’t be upset – The Bellagio botanical garden houses thousands of exotic flower species, leaving behind a characteristic bloom and scent.


Are you still waiting on your esta visa? Did you fill in the relevant information in the form? Please know that outdated or irrelevant details that do not match your records may put your application on hold.

Regardless, you can check status of esta by utilizing your full name and the application number. Complete & submit the application form 72 hours before your travel plans. The authorization process can take more time than usual. It’s a good idea to file for ESTA early to avoid any delays in travel plans.

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