3 Important Sex Doll Cleaning Tips

3 Important Sex Doll Cleaning Tips

You can find many sex events in Australia if you want to have some fun besides going to bars and clubs. Some of the best Australian sex events include the RED (Kink Party) that you can visit in the Inflation Nightclub in Melbourne. The AGE OF LOVE is also The Finale in Jacksons Hotel in Toorak or the Cabaret Cafe in the Golden Monkey Cocktail Bar in Melbourne. 

It will not promise you that you will have someone in those events to satisfy your sexual urges, so the best option you have is by buying the best sex dolls Australia has to offer. Meanwhile, when you own a sex doll, make sure that you take care of it as much as possible. And, you have to remember that you can follow several practical cleaning tips to ensure your sex doll is always clean before and after using it. 

Cleaning Tip #1: Always Clean the Doll’s Outside Surface

The first area where you should clean the most is the sex doll’s outside surface. When people use the sex doll during sexual intercourse, bodily fluids will transfer onto the doll and cause it to emit a foul odour. You do not want any foul-smelling odour coming from it, so you must clean the outside area effectively. 

There are many areas of the sex doll wherein you have to clean properly, but the main places where you have to do extensive cleaning are the genital and mouth areas. They are the most used areas during sexual intercourse, so they will be filled with bodily fluids that you need to clean immediately. You can use a soft, wet towel mixed with soap or running water to remove debris off its surface and the most profound areas like the mouth. 

You should also remove the doll’s head so that it will not get wet and preserve its form. Most of the time, the entire head can be removed to make cleaning easier. Also, remember that failing to remove the bodily fluids from the doll can become detrimental to your health to the point that you might have to visit a hospital. 

Cleaning Tip #2: Clean Genital Areas Extensively

It is crucial to clean the genital areas of the doll, specifically the anus and vagina. As mentioned a while ago, it is the area where people use it for their sexual activities. It is not enough that you put a hose inside and that it will clean itself because bodily fluids will stick to the doll’s material. 

So, make sure you use specific cleaning tools that will let you reach the deepest parts of the genital areas to ensure you give it a proper cleaning. It is also best to know that you will be using a clean sex doll next time, ensuring that it will not ruin your sexual pleasures. Besides, keep in mind that you should not scrub too hard on the doll’s material as you might damage it. 

Cleaning Tip #3: Avoid Using Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

It will not matter if you find the best sex dolls Australia has to offer because if you use harsh cleaning chemicals, they can easily get damaged. An example of a harsh chemical is bleach because it can potentially fade the colours and damage the material. 

So, do not forget the cleaning tips if you do not want to buy another expensive sex doll because of how unclean your current one is. 

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