The purchase of a ring combines pure emotion with good old-fashioned common sense. You’re committing to the woman who’s changed your life for the better by selecting a symbol of love and devotion. Buying an engagement ring will push you out of your comfort zone, regardless of whether you’re a hard-core pragmatist or a hopeless romantic.


Although it costs a lot of money, you’re also putting your money into something you don’t fully understand, and that has to last a long time. About 80% of the Australians are confused as to what are the things that they should consider before buying a ring, so here are a few things that one should know:

1) Their lifestyle

If you choose the right one, it will be on her finger every day for the rest of her life. Most women don’t want to take off their ring when they go to work, play sports, or perform hobbies, so plan ahead of time how the ring will fit into their daily routine. As an illustration:

Does she work with her hands a lot (cook, gardener, welder) in her profession? Or does she work with people? If this is the case, you may wish to choose a ring with lower-cut diamonds (in prong settings).

Is she athletic, does she participate in team sports, or does she do things like ski, swim, or do yoga? Consider how she utilises her hands, equipment, and clothing when participating in sports and whether or not she will be required to remove the ring you choose.

In the yard, kitchen, or studio, does she like getting her hands dirty? For the most part, prong-set solitaires need little maintenance.

2) personal style 

What does she wear to work, social situations, or simply hanging out at home to express herself? Observe her clothing choices, such as materials, colours, patterns, and shoe styles, as well as the jewellery she favours. Unlike other women, your fiancée is likely to have a signature style that she favours above others.

Check out this guide to choose the perfect ring, as well as this questionnaire to find out more about your future wife’s style. A jeweller should be able to point you in the direction of ring designs that are in keeping with her taste after you’ve worked it out

3) your budget

Expect a shock if you’ve never done any research on rings before: they’re always more expensive than you expect. With so many choices available, choosing the perfect ring at a reasonable price isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Decide how much you can afford to spend without going into debt. When planning to fund your wedding, keep in mind that you’ll have to live with the expense long after you’ve said: “I do.” It may be your new spouse’s first significant financial burden. Buying a ring shouldn’t put your financial security in jeopardy.

4) the width of her ring finger

It may seem to be a minor point, yet it can have a significant impact. Resizing a ring may be very difficult, depending on the band’s style. To have to return the ring to the jeweller after the big proposal for resizing may also be unpleasant and anticlimactic.

Without her knowledge, you may use this helpful tool to compare the size of her left-hand middle finger ring with the one you have on your own. To get a more accurate reading, some individuals may press a ring against a piece of clay.

If she doesn’t wear rings, another option is to sleep with a piece of thread around her finger while you measure it. To encourage your fiancée to try the ring on, you might invite a friend to casually display one of her rings. Learn more about calculating her ring size without giving away the surprise.

5) Protection

Purchasing a ring is a significant financial commitment, but it will be worth it in the long run. You wouldn’t purchase a vehicle without a warranty or insurance, and the same goes for an engagement ring.

Consider the possibility of loss while dealing with something so tiny and priceless. Examples of potential losses include theft, damage, or an unexplained absence (bathroom sinks are well known for devouring beloved diamond rings).

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