5 Most Picturesque Beaches near Visakhapatnam you Must Visit

5 Most Picturesque Beaches near Visakhapatnam you Must Visit

Mountains or beaches? If you answered beaches, this article is for you! The serenity of the waves crashing over the shore, pushing and pulling the sand crafting gorgeous patterns, the cool seaside breeze, the sun rising and setting over the horizon, and many other small niceties create a wonderful dreamland! So, for all you thalassophiles, one beach hub you can add to your travel itinerary lies in South India – Visakhapatnam!

5 Most Picturesque Beaches near Visakhapatnam you Must Visit

Located in Andhra Pradesh and also called Vizag, Visakhapatnam is the second-largest city in the state. It is home to many international trading ports and some jaw-dropping scenery! Hiring a reliable taxi in Visakhapatnam with a local driver is the best way to visit the hotspots of the city.

1.Rishikonda Beach

If you are an adventurous person who loves to engage with the sea, Rishikonda beach is for you! It offers activities like skiing, swimming, windsurfing, and sailing! The waters of the beach are a splendid emerald shade, giving an exotic touch to the location. The state tourism has also dolled up the place with aesthetic cottages and restaurants around the beach, making it perfect for your getaway plans!

2.Bheemili Beach

Once a major trading port, this beach is now a beautiful tourist spot, canvassing over 30 km. Also known as Bheemunipatnam or Bheema’s town, this beach houses many must-visit places, some of which are the 14th-century Lord Narasimha Temple, an old Dutch Fort, the Red Church, and an 18th-century lighthouse. With Dutch settlements being prominent in that region many years ago, the area exudes high Goa vibes! Your Goa plans can be fulfilled with Bheemunipatnam! Apart from the landmarks, the beach itself is a beautiful sight to behold and is deemed to be perfect for swimmers.

3.Rama Krishna Beach

Being one of the famous tourist attractions of Vizag, the RK Beach or Ramakrishna Beach earns its name from the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram that is located in its vicinity. This beach is studded with art installations depicting Buddhist cultures, modern art, and divinity, adding to the beauty of the waters. You don’t have to go to the desert to get a camel ride – Vizag’s RK Beach provides that! And the sun setting over the waters is reported to be the best attraction of the beach.

4.Yarada Beach

This place can be great for your hill or mountain-loving friends too! The rocky hills, the banana, and coconut plantations add just the right amount of green to the blue shades of the water. The place is not flooded with tourists, making it more serene and perfect for walks along the beach! This beach is better suited for relaxing activities than adventurous ones, so get your umbrellas and mats for a fun day with family and friends!

5.Gangavaram Beach

Located deep within the city, in a village called Gangavaram, which gives it its name, this beach remains an unexplored treasure of Vizag. Dotted with palm trees along the shore, the beach’s scenic beauty is breathtaking, which makes it a perfect shooting spot, adored by many filmmakers.

These are just some of the several charming spots in Vizag, and the locals are well aware of the best places to visit within the city, enriching your travel experience. Hiring a chauffeur-driven cab from a trusted car rental app can make your journey extremely comfortable. Get started with planning your Vizag beach itinerary right away!

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