5 Tips for Improving your Lego Building Skills

5 Tips for Improving your Lego Building Skills

Almost everyone has heard of Legos. Legos are building blocks with unlimited potential as you can build and create anything and everything you can think of. Whether you decide to recreate a popular monument or a scene from a movie, as long as you can envision it, you can build it.

Recreating something with Legos is made all the easier with various Lego sets complete with all the pieces and instructions to help you. If you’ve gotten yourself Legos and have been having difficulty with trying to build something the like of Lego masters have made, here are several tips you can try and practice to improve your Lego building skills.

  • Get the Right Colors Together and Compliment Them

One of the basic things that can completely enhance your Lego creations is finding and using the right color for the thing you are trying to make. When you are trying to build a spaceship, using dull colors like gray and silver will make it easier to recognize, likewise when trying to recreate something colorful like a parrot, using bright colors like green, red and yellow is better than using the same colors you used for the spaceship.

Additionally, one thing you can do to improve your Lego creations is to add colors that complement the main color. For example, a completely black car will look more interesting and sharp with a bit of gray and white streaks as they can add detail without being too distracting.

  • Deviate a Little from the Instructions

Although we’ve always been taught that following instructions will always yield the best results, that isn’t always the case with Legos. Instructions provided by Lego sets are extremely helpful when you are building them the first time around, but chances are the design you might have in mind might be better than the ones the instructions might lead you to.

Exercise a bit of creativity with the Lego sets you are working with and deviate a little from the instructions. You might end up with a better end product than what the set initially promised.

  • Keep your Area Organized and Neat

Building something with Legos isn’t always an organized activity. You might end up with several pieces spread around your work area as a result of picking out different bricks. One way to improve with your Lego building skills is to keep your area neat and Legos organized. 

Practice sorting out your Legos in boxes or drawers based on color or size or a combination of the two. This will make it easier to find the right size and color to use making building with Legos all the faster and efficient.

  • Follow Proportion and Scaling

Proper proportion and scaling is something that most people would ignore when building with Lego blocks. While it is alright to ignore this sometimes as you get to exercise creativity, it is also recommended to follow this now and then.

Properly following the right proportions and scaling can enhance your final product as it prevents your final Lego creation from looking awkward in certain places and angles. Additionally, while trying to follow the right proportions and scaling, try to be consistent with them as it makes the final product look better overall.

  • Find a Balance Between Different Blocks

It’s a no brainer that Legos come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Have a mix between tiles and studs as certain structures will look weird and unpleasing if there’s too much or too little of a certain tile type. Using studs instead of tiles for surfaces that have to be smooth will give a bumpier and uneven appearance making it look messy and awkward to the eye.

Find a good mix and balance between the different blocks available for you such as using studs for interior designs like carpeting and chairs.

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