All You Have to Know About

All You Have to Know About Addictions

Addiction is a process of pursuing a particular practice or substance uncontrollably, leading to sacrificing even our own lives for it. Many people think habits and addictions are the same, but that’s not the case. Habits practise a particular thing for so many days with determination and consistency to make it a part of our routine. At the same time, addictions are harmful to people since they make them lose control over themselves.

All You Have to Know About Addictions

Some of the addictions are smoking, gaming, consumption of alcohol etc. Booze free beer shops, kombucha shops, sports arenas and vape shops in Brisbane are gaining popularity for their alcohol-free beers, vapour cigarettes, fermented organic drink, and sports, respectively, are alternatives helping to come out of addictions. Brisbane is a state where the population of middle-agers and teenagers are more compared to others. Hence parties, pubs, nightlife and clubs are very common in the state.

Types of Addictions

There are many types of addictions that are harmful to our health. Let us discuss them in detail below.


Smoking is nothing but inhaling the smoke produced by burning a cigarette is merely tobacco rolled in a paper. Smoking is hard to quit because of the chemical called nicotine in it. Smoking is very harmful to health and causes many diseases. The most common problems caused by cigarettes are cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, cancers, premature birth, stillborn babies, clefts in infants, reduced fertility, tooth loss, cataracts, diabetes, reduced immunity, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Consumption of alcohol

Consumption of alcohol becomes an addiction due to the chemical change that happens inside the brain. This chemical change in the brain makes us believe alcohol consumption brings happiness to us. Most people get addicted to alcohol mainly to forget about their past traumas and heartbreaks. But the fact is that alcohol makes us forget about our problems only for a shorter period, whereas the health effect that it leaves on is more alarming than the problems themselves. Regular use of alcohol leads to mental disorders such as schizophrenia, low self-esteem, stress, anxiety and depression.


Cannabis is also known as marijuana, is a grey-green substance of dried flowers of the cannabis Sativa plant. These substances are taken in various methods like pots, brownies, cookies, smoke, candies, and even raw form. Marijuana itself is a harmful drug, and to make it even worse, they are adulterated with other substances like tobacco.

The effects of smoking marijuana are experiencing a state of euphoria, calmness, high attentiveness, laughter, altered awareness of time and increased hungriness. The common disorders caused are stress, anxiety, acute psychosis, delusions, distrust, hallucinations, schizophrenia and fear.


Cocaine is a drug made out of leaves of the coca plant that was used for treatments earlier. Due to its highly addictive nature, drug usage has been limited except in this day and age, and these are sold in black markets. Since cocaine is a stimulant, it increases energy and alertness. So excess use of this drug leads to the release of dopamine, which decreases sleep and hunger. Another main problem due to excess usage is that the person becomes tolerant of the effect, making the person crave more every time. The problems caused due to cocaine are paranoia, aggression, weight loss, nausea, heart attack, seizure and abnormal behaviours.

Quitting and Reduction of Addiction

Quitting harmful dependencies is the best solution to overcome the abuse that is caused due to the usage of those drugs. However, in some cases, quitting may lead to severe withdrawal effects such as aggression, lack of concentration, mental disorders, nervous disorders, memory loss etc. And in these cases, people can use alternatives such as alcohol-free beers available in markets, vaporisers instead of cigarettes that available in vape shops in Brisbane, nicotine tablets from medicals, exercises and engagement in sports.

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