Best Things You Can Do In Croatia This Summer

Best Things You Can Do In Croatia This Summer

If you are looking for a travel destination that is a little more unexpected or you have an insatiable appetite for good food and wine, then you will want to include Croatia at the top of your travel destinations.

Best Things You Can Do In Croatia This Summer

Croatia has a rich history and unlike other travel destinations such as as France, Italy and England, you will not have to feel the pressure of missing out on major monuments and museums since you can enjoy the sun and the breathtaking views along the Adriatic coast.

Croatia is a wine country with some of the best beaches. Here are some of the best things to see and do in Croatia.

  1. Sailing

Croatia has over 1,000 islands and is among the richest archipelagos worldwide that offers you the chance to sail the high seas along the coast while exploring the islands, which is arguably the best thing to do Croatia. A Croatian summer vacation without any sea action is almost sacrilege. Some of the best islands to visit include MIjet, Korcula, Cres, Brac and Hvar. Combine your Croatia sailing experience with the best of both sea and land by sailing along the Adriatic coast while making stop-overs along the way where you can explore the mainland. While sailing, you can stop by the Konoba Opat Restaurant to sample their fresh fish caught by the local fishermen. You can also cruise around the Kornati Island along the Adriatic coast during your day trips.

  1. The National Parks

Croatia is home to 8 national parks hence you should make sure that you visit at least one on them while you are on your summer holidays in Croatia. Croatian national parks will satisfy your whole family besides being easily accessible. The Plitvice Lakes National Park that is only 2 hours from Zagreb (by bus) is one of the best and a truly spectacular park. Private transfer companies can offer transport to four of these parks that are accessible from a base in Zadar. All these parks make excellent additions to your “to do list” in Croatia. Be sure to carry your camera along to capture the best moments and the breathtaking views.

  1. Explore the Historic Old Towns

A trip to Croatia is incomplete without visiting the historic old towns. One of these is the town of Zadar. By day, you can wander the narrow streets of this seaside town as you enjoy locally prepared ice cream or even drink coffee in the Roman Forum. When night falls, enjoy classical music at the Musical Nights Festival that runs between July and August every year. This annual festival brings the Roman forum and the 9th Century Saint Donatus Church to life. The lights and music found along the waterfront promenade of Zadar make sightseeing in Croatia even better.

  1. Visit Zagreb

There are lots of things to see and do in Zagreb which includes a unique exhibition of trinkets along with art galleries and museums. This city has a good tram network allowing visitors to zigzag across it with ease. While in Zagreb, you can relax at the Hotel Esplanade which offers a spectacular park view. You can sample some great meals at the Oxbo bar and Grill.

  1. Drink Croatian Wine

Croatian wine is absolutely delicious although it is not widely known outside the country. Get the best wine at the Tomic Winery in Jelsa town, or visit Dubrovnik’s D’vino Wine bar where you can get to know about the different varieties of wine in Croatia from their knowledgeable bartenders.

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