How Long Do You Have to Wear Braces?

In America, 4 million people younger than 18 are wearing braces. However, more and more adults are choosing to receive braces now. Although many of us may be familiar with the cosmetic benefits of getting braces, there are many health benefits of braces as well.

Sometimes, misaligned teeth can cause serious oral health issues, which can be corrected with braces, for example. If you’re considering getting braces for cosmetic or dental health reasons, then you’re most likely wondering how long do braces stay on. How long do you have to wear braces?

There’s no one true answer to this question. Typically, braces will last between 1 and 3 years. However, there are many factors that contribute to exactly how many years you’ll need to wear them. Continue reading the guide below to learn more!

How Crooked Your Teeth Are

Teeth that are crowded, stick out in different ways, or are spaced too far apart can lead to the desire of getting braces. Crooked teeth don’t only take a toll on your confidence. Crooked teeth can also lead to cavities, erosion of the enamel, and gum disease.

It’s important to get braces for these issues to eliminate other issues down the road. However, the length of time you need to wear the braces will depend on how severe the problem is. Those with severely crooked teeth might need to wear braces longer than someone who’s only dealing with a slight imperfection in their smile.

The Type of Bite You Have

Braces aren’t only good for correcting crooked teeth. Braces can also help correct a misaligned bite. Examples of some misaligned bites are an overbite, an underbite, or a crossbite.

When choosing to get braces to correct a misaligned bite, you should expect to wear your braces longer than if you were only correcting crooked teeth.

The Type of Braces You Choose

Traditional metal braces aren’t the only choice you have in today’s world. When you choose the best orthodontist, you’ll have a variety of options for braces to consider. There are the traditional metal braces, but there are also lingual braces and clear aligners as well.

How long you need to keep these braces on will depend on the type of braces you choose to receive.

The Age of the Individual 

Doesn’t it seem as though children always recuperate from things faster than adults? There’s not much difference when wearing braces. Children tend to see results faster than adults.

The earlier you receive braces in life, the quicker they’ll work. Your child might only need braces for a year while you need them for three, so keep age in mind when determining how long you must wear them.

The Answer to, “How Long Do You Have to Wear Braces” Depends on the Person

So, how long do you have to wear braces? This answer will vary depending on each individual’s unique circumstances. You might only need to wear braces for two years while your friend might need to wear them for three.

Keep all of these factors in mind when considering getting braces. Then, speak with your orthodontist about wearing braces and what your treatment plan looks like.

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