Red vs Green Kratom: What Are the Differences?

In a world where doctors prescribe opiates too often, it’s nice to see a natural product that has similar effects. But, a recent study found that only 7% of Americans use Kratom!

What is kratom and is it safe for you to consume? Is this something you should try? If you do try it, do you try red or green kratom?

We put together a quick guide to teach you everything you need to know, including red vs green kratom. Keep reading to find out what kratom can do for you.

What is Kratom?

Kratom comes from a tropical evergreen tree that belongs to the coffee family. These trees grow in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea.

Indigenous communities in these countries have used kratom as herbal medicine for decades. Kratom has both opioid effects as well as mild stimulant effects. Which makes it great for opioid replacement therapy!

Red vs Green Kratom

Several factors affect the color and effects of the kratom like how manufacturers dry the leaves and different plant treatments, But the most indicative factor is the age of the leaves when picked. This is the difference between red kratom and green kratom.

Green Kratom

Green kratom is not quite mature yet and is still growing. The effects tend to have a good amount of stimulant qualities with some opioid effects. If someone wrote a green kratom guide, it would say the effects are reduction of discomfort, relaxation, increased vigor, improved mood, better concentration, and an improved feeling of mental wellbeing.

Red Kratom

The red version of kratom is the full-grown plant in its final form. It gives you a heavier opioid effect than the green version but with lessened stimulating effects. A red kratom guide would say that some of the effects are relaxation, anxiety relief, pain reduction, euphoria, and gentle stimulation.

Is Kratom Right for You?

We haven’t done extensive studies on kratom. But initial reports show that it’s less harmful than opiates and illegal stimulants. If you want to treat an addiction to either of these, kratom is a great option!

If you don’t want to treat a disorder, you can also enjoy kratom because there are milder side effects and you won’t get into legal trouble.

Where Do You Find Quality Kratom Products?

Some tea houses started carrying and brewing kratom for customers. But, it’s much cheaper to buy in bulk and make it at home. A quick web search for “kratom near me” will show you several reliable options.

Kicking Opioid Addiction With Kratom

With so many people addicted to opiates these days, it’s great to see a natural and much safer remedy to replace them. Spreading word about kratom could save many addicts’ lives!

Keep this article in mind if you’re considering trying kratom or recommending it to a loved one. That way you know which kind of kratom to try!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned all about red vs green kratom. For more informative articles about health, education, and more, check out the rest of our blog today!

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