How Memory Foam Pillows Contribute To Better Sleep Quality

How Memory Foam Pillows Contribute To Better Sleep Quality

Every individual can agree on how good sleep can improve the daily well being of a person and boost physical and mental health. So why don’t you invest in a good mattress and pillows? Everyone spends at least one-third of their lives sleeping because sleep contributes positively to the body. Buying a soft mattress and good pillows, preferably a memory foam pillow, can greatly enhance sleep quality and improve the body’s immunity and productive capacity. 

How Memory Foam Pillows Contribute To Better Sleep Quality

However, a study conducted in 2019 has shown just how many Australians struggle to achieve good quality sleep every night. 60% of the working population report sleep symptoms such as having trouble falling asleep or waking up tired. A group of those who were diagnosed had clinical insomnia that can have severe impacts on the body’s mental and physical health.

Memory Foams:

A good pillow makes a great difference between a night of good sleep and a bad one since neck support is an important factor during sleep. A memory foam pillow is made from a plastic compound called polyurethane that is widely used as insulation and in sofas and mattresses. It’s called memory foam because of its capability to change shape under pressure but can return to the original shape after lifting of the pressure. This is highly beneficial for sleep as every individual rests their head differently on every pillow. Memory foam can change according to the specific neck shape and provide an extra level of neck support and headrest for better quality sleep. 

Memory Foam Pillows And Their Advantages:

No matter how good a product will be, it all comes down to the person’s sleep preference. A product that may be effective for one may not be as good for the other. Here are some of the best benefits of memory foam pillows for sleep:

  1. Aligns The Spine: The pillow aligns the spine during sleep as muscles and various body ligaments relax. This helps prevent any muscle strains and also increases the rate of healing in the body.
  2. Motion Stability: People will always shift and move during sleep involuntarily. Memory foam can absorb this motion without changing the alignment of the neck and the spine.
  3. Pressure Point Relief: The pillow distributes the weight of the body in such a way that there is no more loan caused by the body’s pressure points. Pressure points are those specific areas in the body where the weight is concentrated. 
  4. Relieves Pain: People who suffer from constant neck or shoulder pain can find instant comfort by using medically recommended foam pillows.
  5. Helps Reduce Snoring: Many traditional pillows can force the head to tilt upwards and block the air passages. Memory foams align the body with the spine and clear air passages to reduce snoring.
  6. Costs The Same As Traditional Pillows: Foam pillows cost as much as traditional pillows and high-end ones. So there’s virtually no change in price if customers are in the market for a memory foam pillow. 

Who Can Benefit From These pillows?

  1. People who suffer from chronic neck pain or shoulder pain. 
  2. People who have a hard time resting the body properly during sleep. 
  3. People who find discomfort in using traditional pillows. 
  4. Anyone that suffers from chronic insomnia.
  5. Anyone who notices that they’re not getting adequate quality sleep.

Many pillows that use memory foam are tailored according to various needs or remedies in the market. So make sure to consult a doctor regarding sleep and find the pillow that works best as all pillows are not the same and can differ for each person with varying dimensions and thickness. 

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