Key Tips for Presenting an Award

Key Tips for Presenting an Award

When you go through the effort of having an award created, you want to use that award to help someone feel special. The way that you present the award affects the way that the recipient feels about it. Know how to present an award in the best manner possible to positively affect the life of the one who receives it.

Choose the Right Time and Place for Presenting the Award

When presenting someone with an award, do that in a setting where they will feel special. You do not want to simply pass the award to them during a typical workday, but you want to do it during a meeting or at a party. Determine when you will be giving the award, and then figure out at which point during the event you will be presenting the award. There are times when it makes sense to hand out an award at the start of an event, and there are times when you will want to wait until the end to do that.

Ensure that Loved Ones are Around

When someone is receiving an award, there are certain people who they would like to have around to see them get that award. One might feel honored to have their parents in attendance when they are getting an award, or one might want to have their children see them get recognized. When you are giving out custom awards, invite the loved ones of those who will be receiving the awards to attend the event where they will be given out. Have a special place for the loved ones of the one being honored to sit where they will have a good view as the award is being received.

Know Why the Award is Being Given

If you are giving an award to someone, you need to have a clear idea of why you are doing that. You will not do a good job of presenting the award if you don’t know why it is being given. Learn about the one who will be receiving the award and what they have done to deserve it. Write down a list of good traits of that person so that you remember just how deserving they are of receiving the award.

Order the Right Type of Award

When you recognize someone with an award, order the right type of award for that person. Order something that looks right for the type of person that is being honored, and make sure that the size of the award is something that will work well in their home or their office. Order an award made of quality materials that will hold up well when it is displayed.

Write a Speech to Give When Presenting the Award

You need to give a speech as you are presenting an award, and you need to know what you are going to say in that speech before you get up to give it. You might find quotes that you can use in the speech, or you might get someone else to write the whole speech for you. Figure out how you can best honor the one who is being given an award in the speech that you give, and practice your speech before you get up in front of a crowd to give it.

Give the Recipient the Chance to Speak

When someone receives an award, they are noticed by their coworkers, and those people are encouraged to work harder. When the one who is receiving the award has the chance to speak in front of everyone, they give their coworkers a chance to get to know them better and connect with them. Always give the recipient of an award a chance to get up in front of everyone after they have been given the award and share how honored they are to have received it and how thankful they are for those who helped them on their journey.

The way that you present an award can affect how the award is received and how the recipient feels about it. Make a plan to truly honor the one who is receiving the award any time you choose to give one out.

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