Marine CollagensBenefits and Flavours 

Marine Collagens: Benefits and Flavours 

Collagen is a type of amino acid/protein that is present in your tendons, muscles, bones, and ligaments. This protein helps in maintaining the overall structural integrity of the human body. Though it is an essential protein, the average human body produces less than enough collagen, and even a balanced diet is not enough to give you enough collagen. There are many natural sources of collagen, but you would have to consume a huge amount to get the proper quantity for your body. The effect of collagen deficiency could be seen in older people as their body produces less and less collagen with age, their muscle mass becomes less, and they get slimmer.

Collagen has become an essential item in the diet of people who care about keeping their strength and muscle mass at an optimum level. It has become so popular that different food brands are producing collagens in different forms and flavours, such as marine collagen powder of citrus lime flavour, and many more. Soon, collagen will become a common name in every household like other supplements. But, what is marine collagen? And why is it popular among everyone? If you have these same questions in your mind, read on to find answers to these questions.

What is marine collagen?

This is a protein obtained from the scales or skin of aquatic animals such as cod or snapper. After removing the protein, it is broken into smaller units of collagen peptides (hydrolysed collagen) via hydrolysis. It is then dissolved in cold/hot liquid—making it a great addition to your milkshake or smoothie. It can also be consumed with oatmeal or morning coffee. The peptides are usually tasteless and have no odour. The human body cannot digest collagen in its original form, so it is broken down into different amino acids for absorbing it entirely. 

How much collagen is good for your body?

The quantity required for an individual is unique; hence, no one should copy another person’s diet. It depends on the body’s needs, weight and metabolism. Suppose one is in his late twenties and has just started adding collagen to his diet; 20 grams of collagen powder is sufficient for him. 

Is flavoured collagen better than the regular ones?

There is a reason companies are suddenly making marine collagen powder of citrus lime flavour. Not just citrus lime flavour, many other flavours have become popular in a short period in the country.

If the question is, ‘whether the flavoured ones are better or not?’, yes, it tastes better, but the qualities and benefits are the same. It is the reason the flavoured collagens became a hit in the market. People prefer adding a little flavour to their daily meals, well who doesn’t?

Flavoured collagens are easy to mix with oatmeal, milkshake, smoothies, etc., and can be consumed with joy. People have started buying collagen powder with different flavours, and citrus lime favour is one of the popular ones.

The flavoured ones will taste better, and you can serve them to your guests who are also fond of the collagen diet. Buying flavoured collagen is a win-win situation for everyone.

Flavoured or not flavoured, collagen is essential for your body, and it becomes even more crucial as you get older. Your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, etc., will need collagen on a daily basis, so consult your dietitian and start adding collagen to your diet. This new year, create a protein-rich diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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