7 Minimalist Luxury Watches You Should Buy in 2021

7 Minimalist Luxury Watches You Should Buy in 2021

One of the most admired features of luxury watches is their complicated designs and mechanism. This is one of the reasons why many watch collectors are fascinated with the beauty of these timepieces. Since most of these items are intricately crafted to perfection, you can’t help to be captivated by its bold designs and stunning features.

7 Minimalist Luxury Watches You Should Buy in 2021

However, there are instances where you want to wear a luxury watch but it has to be simple and classic. Sure, you can always check out the classic models in the Rolex and Omega collections. But, sometimes, you need something more minimalist than that. Luckily for you, there are a couple of luxury watch brands that manufacture a great selection of minimalist-inspired watches that don’t have a bold look but carry the same quality and durability. Let’s take a look at each of these brands.


1.    IWC Portofino

Known as one of the pioneers in the watchmaking industry, IWC Portofino is popular for its classic and simple aesthetic. Most of the watches in the collection are designed to wear on formal occasions. It means that it poses a fusion of elegance and class. The selection has a variety of options for straps which range from leather to metal. The dial, on the other hand, is equipped with minimalist chronographs which makes it look more elegant. If you are looking for a watch to pair with your business attire, this is the best model for you.


2.    Rado Coupole Classic

Nothing is more minimalist than Rado Coupole Classic. Another product of Switzerland, this luxury timepiece has been known to create one of the most highly durable and scratch proof timepieces in the world. It is known for its traditional design such as the slim case and wide dial which makes it a perfect minimalist watch. Through the years, Rado has reached groundbreaking improvements in terms of developing and manufacturing their watches. If you are looking for a high-tech yet classy-looking timepiece, Rado Coupole Classic is the best for you.


3.    Seiko Prospex

If you are looking for a minimalist sports watch, Seiko Prospex is the one to beat. A Japan-made watch, Seiko is known in the industry as one of the most reliable, high-performing watches worldwide. It is known to carry the very first GPS solar watch and the first Quartz movement watch in the world. The Prospex collection is the perfect timepiece for when you need to go on an outdoor activity or exploration. It also comes in various colors and minimalist designs that will fit your preference.


4.    Hamilton Jazzmaster and American Classic

Another century-old manufacturer, Hamilton is known for its well-crafted timepieces which are recognized around the world. However, some people may associate this model with some of the most admirable chronometers and complicated watch works. But, did you know that Hamilton also has a minimalist-inspired collection? Some models in their Jazzmaster and American Classic collections are perfect for everyday wear at work. It is made with the most precious metals and paired with the brand’s signature watch movement.


5.    Zenith Elite

The Zenith Elite collection is one of the most stunning minimalist timepieces in the market. Not only is it made for both men and women but all are made with high-quality materials and precious metals. Elite has a variety of models with different colors and features. You can find a piece in this collection to wear on family gatherings, business meetings, and even formal occasions.


6.    Chopard

Another popular luxury watch brand is Chopard. Most of the watches in their collection are complicated timepieces equipped with chronographs and subdials that are perfect for tracking minutes, seconds, and dates. However, if you will take a look at Chopard Classic watches, you will discover the other side of this Swiss brand. The Classic collection is a selection of sophisticated and minimalist timepieces. It is the fusion of the brand’s expertise in watchmaking plus their take on traditional watch designing. Most aficionados prefer these timepieces because of their minimalist and classic look.


7.    Longines Les Grandes Classiques

Another popular minimalist-inspired watch is the Longines Les Grandes Classiques. It is the brand’s take on elegant and formal timepieces. While this brand is certainly known for some of its complicated models, they also include a classic rendition of their Swiss watches. It comes in different styles such as the combination of silver, gold, and leather straps. This is also a timeless watch that will perfectly fit both men and women. Moreover, it can be used on both formal and casual occasions. It is certainly a great addition to your minimalist timepieces.


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