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Looking for a Smartwatch? Check Out the New Diesel on Fadelite

A watch is a fashionable accessory. While it’s available in a wide range of styles—from the OG classics to the ones with modern flair—it’s advised that you choose it well, favoring a brand that has already established its name in the field, like Diesel.

Under the Fossil Group, Diesel is a brand known for specializing in the design and marketing of jeans and clothing. But, since its foundation in 1978, it has diversified through the design of fashion watches, offering designs that combine functionality and practicality, primarily attracting the younger market.

Today, the brand offers a wide range of analog, digital, and chronograph watches. But, the most recent in its roster of watches that speak individuality and self-expression is the bold-looking Wear OS smartwatch, Diesel on Fadelite.

The New Diesel on Fadelite Has a Sleek Design and a Translucent Case

Simple, classic, and luxurious—this is everything a Diesel watch is known for, and it’s no different with the Diesel on Fadelite. Released during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2020, the touchscreen smartwatch is powered with Wear OS by Google and features a 43mm case with bold design details.

The versatile watch boasts four different colorways, each featuring fading colors, hence the name. These include one that transitions from red to black, black to clear, and blue to clear. But, the showstopper is the one that’s clear with what is described as iridescent—showing luminous colors that appear to change when seen from different angles.

In addition to that, the Fadelite is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, which is frequent in other Wear OS watches. It enables the watch to support Google Assistant, GPS tracking, and heart rate tracking, among others. It’s also swim-proof and has what is called a Globe dial feature with a globe and a tile that displays weather conditions. This is accessible through the touchscreen.

This isn’t the first time Diesel released a Wear OS smartwatch. In 2018, it introduced the Diesel on Axial which has a more industrial look with rugged details such as steel rivets, aluminum core, and a stainless steel body. It also packs the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset from Qualcomm, which promises a longer battery life.

More Reasons to Love Diesel

There are plenty of reasons to love a Diesel watch. But, the most logical of all is its reputation.

• Long History and Established Reputation

Diesel had such an interesting history when it was started. At the time, the world was facing an energy crisis, particularly a gasoline shortage, and people found that diesel-driven engines are cheaper and more efficient than gasoline. In short, diesel has become an alternative energy source and founder Renzo Rosso hoped that like diesel, the brand will become an alternative in the fashion industry. True to his aspirations, the brand soon became a household name in the Italian fashion industry, with designs inspired by our daily lifestyle and suited for the young and creative.

• Quality and Innovation

Diesel has gone a long way from its roots in Italy. Eventually, the brand has penetrated the global market and soared to fame with the launch of its fashion accessories and watches. Large dials and bold designs mainly defined Diesel watches. While they don’t possess the most elaborate complications that other professional brands manufacture, they take pride in the integration of aesthetics, urban culture trends, and the latest technology in their fashion watches that appeal to the younger consumers.

• Designs and Prices that Attract the Millennial Market

Because Diesel targets the younger market, it keeps its prices more affordable, with rates ranging anywhere from $100-$1,500. The Fadelite, for instance, will set you back for only $275, giving you a uniquely designed piece that’s suitable for both sports and fashion. Visit the Diesel website or any of its third-party resellers and you’ll be spoiled for choice with their large number of watches under different categories: Fadelite, Axial, Mega Chief, Mr. Daddy, and Griffed.

Each Diesel collection is tailored based on the needs and taste of its consumer base, ranging from classic to more modern and intuitive. Its latest smartwatch models are also an implication of the brand’s commitment to staying on top of technological advances.

A Diesel Watch For You

Diesel is on par with other fashion brands like Guess that have also branched off from clothing manufacturing to include fashion watches in their product offerings.

While your choice of a watch is personal, given that everyone has their own preferences in style and design, one factor that you should not overlook is quality. The good news is that the signs of a quality watch are somehow general and easily identifiable: high-quality materials, water resistance, seamless finish, and overall components that are built to last. These are the qualities that you’ll find in every Diesel watch.

What are your thoughts about the new Diesel on Fadelite and the brand overall? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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