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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Top 5 picks from Patek Nautilus

For many of us, we can’t think of anyone better who deserves love and honoring than our mothers. It explains why we’re under a lot of pressure in terms of Mother’s Day gift ideas. Of course, we want to give them something that they can use all the time, but not to the point that it will come across as common and too practical. It has to be sentimental and well-thought-out, too.

Stumped for Mother’s Day gift ideas? We’ve done the thinking for you and we can’t think of any better gift than a Patek Nautilus watch, which not only proves to be a valuable gift but a great investment, too. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, wife, grandmother, or friend, check out our top 5 picks from Patek Philippe that the recipient is guaranteed to appreciate.

Patek Nautilus: History & 5 Watches to Give This Mother’s Day

Swiss luxury brand Patek Philippe introduced the Nautilus in 1976. It was positioned to become one of the most sought-after watches from the brand with the release of its first Nautilus, Reference 3700—one of the world’s costliest stainless steel watches. The watch has a distinctive, eye-catching shape, featuring an octagon bezel with curved sides. It has a 42mm diameter case, which is 3mm larger than the Royal Oak, and is powered by the self-winding movement 28-255, the same ones used in the Royal Oak and Caliber 2121.

Over its 40+ years of history, the Nautilus has undergone several stages of evolution. In 1980, Patek Philippe introduced a Nautilus for women with a quartz movement and a year later, it debuted a mid-size men’s version, the Ref. 3800 which had a 37mm case. In 1996, a Nautilus model that had Roman numerals was launched. Gold versions soon came after.

With the release of the smaller Nautilus versions, watch enthusiasts began referring to the original size as ‘Jumbo.’ Unfortunately, you can no longer get your hands on this model since its production already stopped in 1990. Unless, of course, if you’re willing to shell out a huge sum of money at auctions.

In that same year, Patek Philippe’s overall production nearly got hold. But, to many watch enthusiasts’ relief, they eventually introduced more timepieces including the Ref. 3710 in 1998 which has Roman numerals and a power-reserve indicator and the Ref. 3712 in 2005, which features moon phase indicators and date display. To this day, the brand continues to treat us with a wide array of models that features more modern design, bolder features, and added complication each time.

Patek Nautilus: Watches for your Mom

Ready to explore your choices with Patek Nautilus? We’ve narrowed down your options to the top 5 best Mother’s Day gifts  for your loved ones, brought to you by the trusted Swiss luxury brand.

1. Ladies’ Automatic Nautilus 7118/1A-010

For the on-the-go moms, this Ladies’ Automatic Nautilus features a sleek 35.2 mm oval case, a stainless steel case and a coordinating bracelet that will never go wrong with any dress. It has a distinct silver opaline dial, gold applied hour markers, and luminescent numerals for added glam and sophistication.

2. Ladies’ Automatic Nautilus 7118/1R-010 Rose Gold

Rose gold carries the same opulence and versatility that any gold can offer. It doesn’t rust, tarnish, corrode, or even lose its color over time. But, the advantage it has over yellow gold or white gold is that it can complement any skin tone, which further adds to its versatile qualities. Get this rose gold timepiece for your loved one and you’ll earn instant brownie points.

3. Nautilus Lady Stainless Steel 3900/2

Anyone will vouch for stainless steel in terms of versatility, but pair it with gold in a watch and you’ll have something that you can wear in formal occasions without it looking too plain or out of place. It’s also the perfect choice for anyone who is torn choosing between a gold or steel watch.

A gift of a Patek Nautilus watch is a reflection of how important our mothers are to us. No amount of money can equal the love, patience, wisdom, and support that they’ve given us. Many of us would agree that even when we already have our own families, they’re still the very same person we can depend on, just like when we’re younger and that’s saying a lot.


Mother’s Day or not, Patek Philippe watches make a valuable investment. They are made with the finest quality of materials and possess features that make them hard-wearing and long-lasting. They make a great investment that lasts for years, an heirloom you can pass on to future generations.

If you haven’t found the right Patek watch for your mom, you can always check out its website for a wide array of watches at different price points. They also have plenty of third-party distributors where you can score secondhand pieces at a fraction of a price.

Which of these Patek Philippe Nautilus watches appeal to you most? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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