New World Roadmap – What’s Coming in June

The Spring Season is about to end, which means the Summer Phase for New World is about to be patched in soon. What can players expect this June?

New World has been lying low from the spotlight after many problems plagued the game. However, developers have continuously pushed out significant major updates for players who still enjoy farming New World gold. Major patches in the game’s 2022 Roadmap will occur in three batches, separated into the Spring, Summer, and Autumn updates. With the current season ending, players anticipate the new features coming this June.

What’s Coming in June

While the Summer phase of New World may not be its busiest stage in the roadmap, it still contains tons of significant features that are ready to be patched in as soon as the new season starts. The season will feature three critical updates. The main highlight of the June patch will be the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition, where players can get rich by farming New World gold.

While little is known about the new expedition, players can surmise that the feature will have a pirate theme, as implied by the name. Aside from this new content, gamers are very excited about a critical QoL update. By Summer, a Party Finder mechanic will be added to the game.

A Party Finder or LFG tool has been highly requested since the player count has dipped to shallow levels. Adventurers have difficulty looking for parties to join up with for group PvE content such as expeditions. Enabling players to queue up with random people is a significant Quality of Life improvement in the game.

The third main feature that will be patched in during the Summer will be an event similar to the Winter Convergence Festival. Unfortunately, the devs have been very tight-lipped about the upcoming festival, so gamers will have to wait for the event to go live to learn what it is about. Hopefully, the Summer occurrence will emulate the success and popularity that the Winter Convergence had.

Further Down the Roadmap

After the Summer phase of New World, players will be met with the busiest and most loaded season in the roadmap. The 3rd phase of the game will showcase six significant features, which will excite gamers’ expectations. These features include new territory, a new weapon, a new expedition, and new events.

This year’s most significant update will probably include the Brimstone Sands’ new territory. The area will be mainly a desert or barren zone, the first one of its kind in the New World. It is unclear if territory wars will be available right away for ownership of this area.

The second primary content in Autumn is the greatsword weapon, which has been teased since December 2021. Since it was first leaked to the community, many players have been anxiously waiting for this bladed weapon. The greatsword is the second weapon to come out this year after the addition of the Blunderbuss last March.

The Autumn update will also feature a new expedition for this season to be consistent with the previous patches before it. The new PvE group content will be called The Ennead Expedition. Though no further details about this group exploration, the name implies that the expedition will involve nine significant figures. These nine people will either be the bosses the players will face or the characters involved in its lore.

There will be two new events that will go live during the Autumn Season. Unlike the Summer Update, the two occasions are already named, indicating what these events will be about. The first one will be the Nightvale Hallow Event, which will feature a Halloween theme. Meanwhile, the second festival will be the Turkulon 2022 Event, which is a Thanksgiving festival. Hopefully, these events will also emulate the Winter Convergence Festival’s popularity.

The update will also include a new leaderboard. However, it is unclear what type of ranking this is or what it will be recording. It can potentially also be simply an update for the current leaderboard.

June will feature content that gamers will enjoy. While the Summer Phase is set to go live soon, players with New World accounts should continue to enjoy the currently available features from the Spring Update. In the meantime, gamers should patiently wait for the next major patch.

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