Lost Ark – What’s Coming In May

A lot of content, and a new advanced class are coming in May.

Lost Ark had quite a sizeable content update last month. It is looking like May will also have some big content drops and more ways to earn Lost Ark currency. Lost Ark saw a bump in players, likely due to the added new class and other content for players to experience. There is a lot of content that needs to be released compared to the South Korean version. New challenges, enemies, classes, and other content still needs to be introduced in the North American version.

However, it looks like the May update will remedy that by releasing a good amount of new content, quality of life updates, and some changes to class balance. Amazon has said that the North American version of the game will “quickly” reach the Korean version in content. What “quickly” actually means is anyone’s guess. It could be a few months to a year.

Anyway, let’s jump into what is coming to Lost Ark in the big May update because there is a lot to cover. Head on over to the official news page to get the entire rundown. This will protect only the main content that is coming.

Destroyer – New Advanced Class For Warrior

The Destroyer is the second new advanced class to be added in Lost Ark. This class will be playable when the update drops. The Destroyers are giant hammer-wielding behemoths. The speed deficit that Destroyers have is made up for in terms of sheer attack strength and stun capability. The power of the Destroyer’s intense AOE assaults, ground smashes, and ability to bend gravity as they see fit makes him a formidable class.

The Destroyer class can dish out significant damage in short bursts and soak up damage. This advanced class is all about getting in the thick of the fight. They can quickly get into a battle with the enemy by pulling enemies to him or charging into the frontlines. This is the fourth advanced class for Warrior.

This class will be slightly different compared to the Korean version. The update page has stated that the Destroyer will get some balance changes before release. The rework makes the Destroyer have an even more impact when fighting enemies.

Two New Raids

One new raids added is an entirely new raid to the Western/North American version. This raid is known as Legion Raid. The first Legion Raid is Valtan.

Valtan is an 8-player raid; players will need to be at item level 1415 for normal difficulty. However, 1445 item level is required for hard problem. You and other players in Valtan will need to work together closely if they want to pass this raid. Valtan will introduce new mechanics to the game. This raid will also drop materials to craft Relic Lost Ark gear. Relic gear is new and can only be crafted from the materials gained from Valtan.

Another guardian raid is also being added: Deskaluda Guardian Raid. Players will need an item level of 1415 to face the new guardian. You can feel free to take this boss on alone or with a group. Deskaluda also has a chance to drop Relic materials and items.

New Guild Activities

If you like running around with your guildmates then you are in luck. Two more activities are being added that you can do with your guild.

  • Island Siege – This mode allows you to face other guilds in various PvP combat. You and your guild will be able to earn rewards, like various Lost Ark currency.
  • Raid Match – Raid Match challenges guild members to defeat a powerful boss known as Sylmael Devourer. Defeat this boss in the time allotted to place in the guild rankings. The faster you beat it, the higher your rank.

More Quests And Activities

Lastly, Lost Ark will be adding more activities to complete in South Vern. Chaos dungeons and a field boss are just some things that are being added in South Vern.

There is also an event that is going to take place as well. The event takes place on an island called Wild Wings Island. Players will have to band together to defeat a horde of… wait for it… chickens. Players will turn into chickens or beer to battle the great Chicking boss. Defeating the boss will earn your event coins. Event coins can be used to purchase a variety of items.


In short, players can look forward to new endgame content and new class. There are also going to be more side quests to help you increase your Lost Ark currency. Along with some quality of life updates like UI improvements and better loot dismantling. And lastly, players will see some small balance changes for some classes. This patch is currently set to be released on May 19th. This makes it similar to the April update that was released near the end of the month.

Are you looking forward to the May update? Let us know your opinion on the update in the comments.


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