Start Learning AI and ML

How Do I Start Learning AI and ML?

AI that stands for Artificial Intelligence, and ML that stands for Machine learning, are hot topics in the tech industry nowadays.

“Machine Learning is the study of computer algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience” – Tom Mitchell.

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The field of machine learning answers the questions like how can we build computer systems that automatically improve with experience without being programmed, and what are the basic laws that govern all learning processes? Basically, machine learning is the branch/application of artificial learning that relies on working with small to large datasets by examining and comparing the data to find patterns and insights. It focuses on the development of computer programs that can access and use data to learn for themselves.

“Artificial Intelligence is the study of training the computers so that computers can do things which at present humans can do better.”

So AI is an intelligence where we can add all the capabilities to machines and systems that humans possess. It is implemented in the systems. It is known as the science and the engineering of making intelligent machines and intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence.

Today, many professionals and beginners are interested in learning AL and ML in order to stay ahead of others and are seeking the best AI and ML certification courses that can help them find their dream work in the tech industry. This article is designed to help such professionals understand what steps are required to learn AI and ML.

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Steps to Learn Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is considered one of the most significant breakthroughs of the 21st century. Several professionals are taking an interest to learn its capabilities and discover new ways of its applications. So those who want to learn AI and ML have plenty of options available as the internet allows them to enroll in online courses. Studying AI is crucial for a career in software engineering if you want to work with human-machine interfaces and quantum artificial intelligence. Below mentioned are some steps to get started with AI.

  • Choose the best online course- To start learning AI, you have to choose any suitable online certification course according to your previous experience/ knowledge or any prior expertise in engineering or programming. Some of the important AI learning platforms are Google AI, Stanford University- Machine Learning, Nvidia- Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision, Simplilearn, etc.
  • Choose the topic- The first step to learn AI is to choose the topic first you are interested in. It can help you get involved in the learning process and stay motivated. Find out your specific problem and observe the solution instead of just reading the material available on the internet.
  • Find a quick solution- After choosing the topic, you must find a solution that can cover the problem as much as possible. An algorithm can process data into a form that is understandable for machine learning, so you may train a model, find the result, and evaluate its performance.
  • Improve your simple solution- With some more creativity, you can improve your solutions and evaluate the changes in order to determine whether these changes are worth your effort and time.
  • Share your Solution- Get your best solution and show it to get feedback. You can get valuable advice after sharing the solutions that will help you improve your portfolio.
  • Complete a Kaggle competition- This competition helps to test your skills, solving the problem which is being solved by other engineers. You can be asked to try several different approaches and choose the most relevant solution. This competition can also teach you communiv=cation and collaboration skills.
  • Use and learn machine learning- To make your portfolio more impressive, you must learn and use machine learning and related projects to apply for ML jobs.

You can start learning AI from home and can apply the knowledge in practice.

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Steps To Learn Machine Learning

To get started with Machine Learning, the following steps must be followed by candidates who want to make their career with ML.

  • Build a strong mindset- Just believe and fix a strong mindset that you can practice and apply machine learning algorithms to your work. You must identify and face your self-limiting values and make progress. So start learning ML as it does not have to be so hard and start thinking about machine learning. It is a large and interdisciplinary sector of study filled with data and algorithms. Find your Machine learning tribe among the Business tribes, Academic tribes, Engineering tribes, and Data tribes and start learning Machine learning properly.
  • Pick a process- Now, it’s time to choose a systemic process to work through problems and apply the machine learning process. These processes can help you work through predictive modeling problems that can give more than the above-average results. By giving over time, working on ML problems, developing patterns, and the systematic process can provide good robust results.
  • Pick a tool- Next step is to select the ML tool for your level and mark it onto your process. It can be selected at different levels with different courses. You can also learn the best programming languages for machine learning.
  • Practice on datasets- Now is the time to start real practice on datasets. Select your dataset, start working on it, and practice the process. You can start it with the UCI machine learning repository as data sets are real-world, interesting, and relevant. Try to solace real-world machine learning problems as real-world examples help to make the exact description of machine learning. Further, you must work on the problems that matter to you and get the solution with impact.
  • Build a portfolio- Finally, gather the result of your work done and show off your skills to present an attractive portfolio. Complete the small focused projects, show examples of prior work to prospective clients and employees in order to demonstrate your skills. Apply machine learning algorithms and get paid as it is the ladder approach that can be used to become a Machine Learning Consultant.

So these are a few important steps to learn and get started with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. Be ready, start learning and use your skills to make a drastic career in this domain.

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