Thailam: Improve Your Holistic Wellness

Thailam: Improve Your Holistic Wellness

Taila is an ayurvedic herbal preparation. In it, a base oil along with a liquid medium like herbal juice and herbal paste is processed using heat. It is then filtered and kept in food-grade containers.

These medicated ayurvedic oils are prepared through various herbs according to their varying purpose. There are various different types of these ayurvedic oils, like dhanwantharam thailam, which contains 28 herbs that promote overall health, vigor, and vitality.

It is an oil for pain that people extensively use in the treatment of rheumatic and neuromuscular conditions. Here is how these medicated oils can promote overall wellness.

How Different Kinds of Ayurvedic Treatment Oils Promote Vigour and Vitality

You can find a vast array of wellness oils. They contain various herbs that heal and rejuvenate your body.

  • Dhanwantharam oil– This thailam is an earthy oil whose blend of herbs increases blood circulation and nourishes the body’s muscles. It also gives you relief from inflammation, muscular cramps, lower back discomfort, and stiffness of joints.

Dhanwantharam is the most commonly utilized massage oil in Panchakarma and Ayurveda because its beneficial to every body type. Women can also go for a Dhanwantharam oil massage.

It strengthens the muscles around the pelvic area and enhances skin suppleness. It, in turn, facilitates the delivery of their baby.

  • Kapooradi oil – It is especially useful for those experiencing Vata imbalance. Its main component is camphor, which minimizes pain and swelling and also allows easy mobility of joints.

It also alleviates muscular discomfort. People also use it as a vaporizer to get rid of chest congestion. It has a cooling scent that soothes and refreshes the mind and the body.

  • Bala thailam – The oil consists of ingredients like Yashitimadhu, Rasna, Takkola, among others. All of these ingredients have multiple health benefits. When they are blended with other herbs, they promote a relaxed mind and good ear health.

The oil encourages ear health as it contains herbs like Bala, Tvak, and Manjishta. When these get absorbed into a person’s ear, they provide nourishment to the ear canal and its whole structure.

  • Murivenna thailam – This medicated ayurvedic oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The oil is a remedy for treating swelling that muscle cramps, arthritis, fractures, and dislocations cause.

The term murivenna is a combination of two Malayalam words, “Muri”, which means wound, and “Enna”, which means oil. So literally, it’s the oil that heals wounds.

People can use it on non-healing ulcers, edema, and diabetic foot ulcers. It is also useful for pains like post-surgery pains, slip discs, tennis elbow, and spinal injury.

What is Ayurveda’s Stance on Neurological Issues?

Neurological issues are diseases of the spine, mind, and the nerves interfacing with them. Ayurveda considers problems with bone marrow/nerve tissues or Majja Dhatu as reasons behind neurological problems.

There are three doshas in an individual’s body: the Pitta, Vatta, and Kapha. According to this medical science, an imbalance in the body of the Vata dosha causes neurological disorders. Ayurveda has an all-around approach to treatment. It means that it treats not only the specific disease but the entire human being.

Neurological disorders in Ayurveda are significant diseases due to their severity. When the energies between the Pitta, Vatta, or Kapha are not in balance, it hampers the functioning of specific organs.

It leads the person to develop diseases. The thailams or Ayurvedic oils, with their rare and unique medicinal ingredients, provide speedy nourishment and relief, which is long-lasting.

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