CBSE Exam Preparation Tips and Strategies For Class

CBSE Exam Preparation Tips and Strategies For Class 10 & 12

‘Boards’, the word alone is enough to make a student jitter. Isn’t it? CBSE class 10 and 12 board exams are fast approaching. Students have already plunged themselves into the studies, going through CBSE NCERT solutions, trying to cover up the whole syllabus well before time so that they could have sufficient time for revision.

However, accomplishing this is not that easy considering the vast syllabus of CBSE, leading to stress and anxiety among the students. So here comes the need for the right strategies to help you score maximum marks in the upcoming board exams. This article is here to provide some fantastic proven exam tips and strategies for Class 10 and 12 students. Read on!

Know your syllabus and exam pattern

It is of utmost importance for students to know the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly beforehand. This year CBSE has made a few changes in the board exams pattern.

As per the new guidelines, term 1 will have only a 50% syllabus. So before you start studying, find out which chapters are coming in the exam and the weightage assigned to each chapter.

Make a feasible study plan.

Without a proper study plan, it’s almost impossible to achieve your target. If you want to score good marks in your CBSE board exams, make a feasible study plan for yourself. Make sure it is not hard to follow, and you can follow it conveniently. Doing this will help you study at a constant pace and boost your confidence.

Work out your weak areas

Another essential thing to do is find out your strengths and weaknesses in particular subjects. While setting your study schedule, always assign more time to the topics you find difficult, and you can even plan to study in the morning when you are fresh and relaxed.

Once you start giving more time to your weak topics and start practicing them more, you will build up confidence in those topics and find them easily.

Complete your syllabus on time

The next valuable piece of advice for you is, try to complete your syllabus on time. It would help if you have sufficient time to practice more and more questions, and this will be possible only when you have finished your syllabus well before time.

Remember, practicing with an incomplete syllabus can make you feel overconfident, due to which you might not cover topics with high weightage and end up losing marks in the final exam. Better you follow the 4P approach, which is as follows:

  • Plan: Make a suitable timetable for yourself.
  • Prioritize: Prioritize the topics and subjects as per your weakness and strength.
  • Prepare: Follow your study plan dedicatedly.
  • Practice: Last but not least, practice as many CBSE NCERT solutions as possible.

Take regular breaks and take care of your health.

Of course, your board exams are going to be a crucial thing in your life, and you need to be focused and study dedicatedly. At this point, you might feel stressed, anxiety and pressured. But that does not mean you can compromise your health.

Eat healthy and timely. Take frequent breaks, go for a walk, and spend some time entertaining yourself. These things are not a waste of time but essential to freshen up your mind to concentrate better.

Lastly, always remember that a compulsive approach can define education by no means. Every student is unique in their way, and it won’t be wise to expect them to have the same expertise, intellect, and memorizing power.

So you better analyze your potential first and then set achievable targets for yourself. Best of luck!

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