Things You Should Know About Hong Kong

5 Things You Should Know About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is growing at a very high rate to be one of the highly visited areas in Asia. It boasts of a very vibrant mix of personalities and the most attractive atmosphere.

The restaurants and bars and amazing Hong Kong hotels tell you that you should expect a high level of hospitality and many cultures.

5 Things You Should Know About Hong Kong

This, therefore, makes it the most appropriate especially for seasoned travelers. Therefore, here are the 5 things you need to know about Hong Kong.

  1. Hong Kong is not A City in China

Well, it is in China although not the whole of it. Although Hong Kong is legally a part of China, the region stands separate and self-governed. It has own police force, financial and border control system. You will transact by use of the Hong Kong dollars and not the Chinese Yuan. Hong Kong is known to be somehow liberal although most people are bi-lingual, where they converse in both English and Cantonese.

  1. Tea Has Become The New Wine

The best way to catch up with your breath while on Hong Kong exploration is to stop at one of the many cafes and tea houses all over the region and have a cup. They provide everything starting from cheap green tea and black teas to the traditional ceremonies for Chai and other varieties.

In Hong Kong, tea is greatly appreciated as being a high-quality product; therefore, you are advised not to use milk and sugar. Sampling various teas and getting to know one which is particularly favorable for your loved ones or friends is both informative and fun.

  1. Etiquette

Most of the customs in Hong Kong are similar to those in China and you will always get a very clear list from this amazing place. Therefore, if considering enjoying your vacation there, it will give you an experience which you may not forget. Note that, bill splitting is relatively one of the new concepts in Asia, and so as a visitor in the country, you are likely to get treated to a meal. This is customary; although going polite means you turned down the offer, or at least promise to pay next time.

  1. Best Deals Are Found At The Market

Well, even the Chinese supermarkets, have a variety of items that you have never heard before, but the most interesting and eco-friendly way is to shop from different markets within the region. The biggest one is the Ladies’ Market located along Tung Choi Street. It has more than a kilometer market stalls that hold accessories, clothing, curios, and furniture.

Another popular market destination is the Temple Street Night Market. It is one of the best especially for lights and entertainment after the dark.

  1. When to Visit

There are several festivals that take place in Hong Kong in a year, therefore, it good to look for one that blows your mind with fancy even before booking a trip. The Hong Kong New Year celebrations that come at the start of every year is one main tourist attraction alongside other amazing parties, fireworks, and parades to see. Between February to April, there are many cultural festivals such as Month-Long Hong Kong Arts Festival and Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Hong Kong is also known for hospitality and relaxation. It’s a city where you can always find a place to unwind, whether it be just a normal bar, a lounge bar, a spa, taking a traditional Hong Kong massage or more.

The Rugby diehards should also look forward to the Rugby Sevens; on the other hand, for a festive break, you can visit the region during the month of December. During this period the weather is usually mild and markets bustle with Christmas excitement.


Hong Kong is one amazing place to be especially for a holiday vacation, but you have to realize, the general knowledge about what to expect is also a great factor to consider.

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