Top Indian sports-earning millionaires

Top Indian sports-earning millionaires

Each person strives for wealth, which can be obtained in a variety of ways. For some, the best option is to make money on sports, which today occurs through betting, buying sports teams, and so on. Many Indian millionaires have made money from their activities in the sports industry. It is worth talking in more detail about how Indian millionaires made their fortune since such success stories attract the attention of many.

Which Indian businessmen are at the top of the Forbes list?

Considering the list of Indian wealthy, it is difficult to ignore Kumar Birla, who has a fortune of $ 11.1 billion. He is the heir to a large industrial company that has its origins in the cotton trade. An ancestor founded his factory in the 1850s in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Kumar Birla heads the firm, Aditya Birla, which now has revenues of $ 44.3 billion. He has been running the company for over 25 years. Today the firm operates in several areas:

  • production and supply of cement;
  • production of aluminum;
  • financial segment;
  • telecommunications.
For example, the Aditya Birla holding today includes Vodafone Idea.

Udai Kotak has a net worth of $ 11.8 billion and was born into a wealthy family who was involved in the trade. Young Udai decided to reject the usual business of his father and founded his own company providing financial services. Over time, the company has developed into an international bank, which today has more than 600 branches. The bank is one of the largest Indian financial institutions operating in the private sector.

Considering the success stories of Indian millionaires, one should pay attention to the example of Lakshmi Mittal, who, as of 2019, owned about $ 13.6 billion. His father managed to become a steel company manager. At the same time, the restrictions imposed by the Indian government, Mittal had to open his plant, which began production of steel in Indonesia. Already in 2006, the company went through the process of merging with a French brand that was engaged in the production of steel, and 12 years later, ArcelorMittal merged with an Italian holding. Today, Lakshmi Mittala is the first steel producer on the planet in terms of production per year.

Each of these entrepreneurs required initial capital, which can be obtained in any convenient way. For example, it is enough to regularly place a bet online on parimatch. to acquire the necessary skills for analyzing sports events. Registration on the bookmaker’s website does not take much time, which will allow you to immediately start making money on bets, winning together with your favorite sports team.

Indian wealth doesn’t stop there

It is worth noting that the ranking of the richest people in India also includes quite young entrepreneurs who have managed to achieve outstanding results. Also in it, you can meet representatives of various business clans, whose wealth has increased due to capitalization in the securities market. The value of the real estate is also constantly growing, so the owners of large areas earn passively, simply by acquiring new interesting properties.

As noted in the Wealthinsight study, in 4 years from 2014 to 2018, the wealth of the richest people in India increased by 45 percent and reached 2 trillion. dollars. Millionaires not only save money, but they also invest it in new ventures, as well as purchase various luxury goods. Some of them become owners of sports complexes, stadiums, or entire teams, while others prefer to buy expensive cars or luxury goods. So Shetty is famous for his love for expensive cars, which in his collection are represented by all kinds of Rolls-Royces and Maybachs.

At the same time, cars are not the only available way to demonstrate your wealth or increase it. If you take a closer look at the largest real estate transactions, which belong to the upper class, you can find Indian investors. So, according to experts from Knight Frank, about 44 percent of the total wealth of the richest Indians managed to earn thanks to operations in the real estate market.

The Dubai Land Department cites no less interesting statistics, according to which Indians remain the most frequent buyers of high-class architectural objects located in the capital of the UAE. A prime example is the Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper tower also owned by a wealthy man from India. The UAE and India are separated by 4 hours of flight, so it is not surprising that many billionaires are buying real estate here, said the representative of the developer Burj Khalifa Nivine William.

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