Who are the best female poker players

Who are the best female poker players

Poker is an extremely exciting game that has managed to attract a fair share of punters and casual players. This game has the particular aspect that its results don’t depend completely on luck, like how it would be in a slot machine for example. Here there is also a lot of skill that comes into play. This is something that everybody who has visited the Parimatch live casino at some moment can attest.

Who are the best female poker players

Of course, besides the casual fans who want to get some thrill with this exciting form of entertainment from time to time, there are those who play this game in a more professional way. As it is the case with any other game of this complexity, there is a lot of training involved. In other words, anybody can become a poker master, as long as enough practice and time is dedicated to it.

There are many famous poker players. However, it still tends to happen that this game is mostly associated with male players. However, as we will discuss here, there are lots of female players who have done an amazing career.


A list of the most renowned female poker players

Here we will present a list of the most famous female poker players. Their skill, patience and ability has been incredibly successful. Let’s begin:

  • Liv Boeree. Liv can be definitely considered as one of the most successful poker players of all time, even if both female and male players are combined in a single ranking. She is one of the few people, and the only female, to win events in the European Poker Tour and the World Poker Tour. Besides poker, she is an astrophysicist, meaning that she is extremely smart in everything she does. She is also famous for appearing in different TV shows.
  • Annie Duke She has won lots of tournaments during her career. Not only that, because she also led during many years the ranking of female money winners with the game. Something great about Annie is that she has decided to share her skills with the rest of the world by doing several books. This means that anybody wishing to learn more about poker could obtain one of her brilliant writings.
  • Kathy Liebert. She has won incredible prizes across her career. In general, it is estimated that she has won more than 6 million dollars, giving her an excellent track record. Also, she has performed greatly in the World Series Main Event. Also, she has participated in many final instances of the World Poker Tour.
  • Annette Obrestadt. This Norwegian player became famous after winning the World Series in Europe. This achievement made her the youngest winner of the tournament. She is also famous for participating in different online tournaments. This means that probably someone had the chance to play with her without even knowing it.
  • Maria Ho. Not only has she obtained fantastic poker results throughout her career. She has also worked at several news stations as a commentator for high-profile poker competitions, making her a visible face for many people already.

Of course, there are many other names that have been left out of this list, otherwise it would be too long. Nevertheless, these are amazing examples that show that, no matter the gender, everybody, with enough practice, patience and conviction, can become a world champion. The casino offered by Parimatch is an excellent place to get started and to practice, and who knows, probably someone playing there right now might become the next world champion and a renowned poker player over the world.

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