Solar Panel Installation Process

All About the Solar Panel Installation Process

Are you planning on doing a DIY solar panel installation?

Over 2 million American homes and establishments create solar energy today. The government encourages solar power because it’s clean and sustainable.

Below is a guide to everything you need to know about the solar panel installation process. Read on and learn:

Gather Everything You Need

The first step in a solar panel installation is to equip yourself. Never delay the solar panel installation process with under preparation. Check all your basic tools, protective gear, and solar panel system components.

Use your roof safety kit, especially if you have a harness. Set the installation date on a clear day to avoid snow or rain-induced accidents.

In some states, you need to get permits before you can install a solar panel system. The good news is your solar company will take care of most of the paperwork. Wait a few days or weeks, give your signature here and there, and you’re golden.

Installing and Securing the Solar Mounts and Roof Racks

The solar mount structure for your solar panel will likely include a how-to guide. Read and understand how you’ll place the mounts on the roof.

For example, a railed system should go on pitched roofs. If you have a flat roof, you’ll need ballast racking for your solar panel. If you’re not installing on a roof, the ground mount will involve a lot of digging.

Fitting and Connecting the Solar Panels

The next step is installing solar panels. Ensure you read the instructions packaged with the unit before anything. When you place the panels on the mounts, check their integrity and sturdiness.

Having some background in working around electrical circuits will help. If you’re having trouble figuring out where the connectors should go, consult an expert. Do a Google search on “solar company near me” for the best and fastest results.

Affixing the Inverter and Wirings

This is the final step of a solar panel system installation. It involves going in and around the home a lot. It’s an easy step once everything is ready.

Considering When Doing a DIY Solar Panel Installation 

When done right, you can save a lot of money on the solar panel installation costs. On average, the total residential installation costs can go between $9,255 and $28,000.

However, DIY solar panel installation opens you to a few risks. Working around electricity can be fatal if you don’t take precautions. You’ll also climb up the roof, which can lead to falls and other accidents.

Learn and Master the Solar Panel Installation Process Today 

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide to the solar panel installation process. Installing solar panels on your own takes an extra day of planning and preparation. Never skip this extra day and make sure to cover as much ground as you can.

However, it’s best if you get a solar panel installation company to do it instead. The safety and expertise will offset the high upfront costs.

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