Play and win with fantasy cricket online

Play and win with fantasy cricket online

Online gaming has been a fad for a long time now. As kids, we all used to play games like ‘road rash’, ‘Dave’, ‘Mario’, etc online; playing these games on computer screens has probably given us some of the best memories as kids. How fun was it being huddled up around the computer with friends or cousins, each having different duties just so we could clear each level?! These days, online gaming has taken a new shift, we can easily access games via different apps on our mobile phones.

Play cricket on your phone – All we need is a good internet connection and we can go ahead with downloading apps and playing exciting games such as fantasy cricket. ‘Cricket is a religion in India’. We see a vast majority of the population enjoying the game of cricket on their television sets. App developers have now made it easy by expertly creating a version of the game that can be played on their mobile phones. The game is not very difficult to understand, even for individuals who don’t watch cricket. It is a fun and simple way to pass time and also earn some rewards.

Get the app – We can play this game on the fantasy cricket app which is readily available to download. Once we are on the website, we have to enter the number with which we would like to register. The website will send the download link for the app via SMS within a couple of minutes. Another way to download the app would be to use the PlayStore on android phones or AppStore on phones with ios. Once we install the app, we can enter our details and get playing.

About the game – While the name radiates excitement and mystery of sorts, the game is pretty straightforward. Reading the rules on the app or website can help clarify any questions that we might have about the process of playing the game. The basic gist is to create a virtual team that would comprise real cricketers who are currently involved in playing matches live. The rewarding of points is based on the real-time performance of these players in live matches. To score the maximum points, we need to ensure that we are picking a team of the best possible players playing in the match in question. Using our calculation and choosing 11 of the players based on their recent performances would increase our chances of scoring more points.

We can choose to play different formats of the game as provided by the app – T20, One-day, or even Test tournaments. Several other benefits are also offered by this app that enhances the gaming experience and leaves us wanting more. Of course, individuals who do not follow cricket regularly can also try their hand at the game, however, a good knowledge of the players’ abilities, the pitch, the weather conditions, past records, etc would prove to be more beneficial. This game is not only recreational or used for passing time, we can also win large amounts of cash prizes if we end up getting more points using our analytical skills.

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