Five Effective Ways to Follow in Making a Meta Description

Five Effective Ways to Follow in Making a Meta Description

After Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was introduced years back, meta descriptions are always tagged. As a result, meta descriptions have a key role in the entirety of the SEO process. 

But, what is a meta description? It is a hypertext markup language or HTML tag which search engines utilize to provide searchers with a compact description of a website’s content. The meta description examples are commonly found on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) in the form of a snippet. 

Five Effective Ways to Follow in Making a Meta Description

Simply put, it is a short summarization of a web page. However, it has a long-lasting impression and impact on an SEO strategy as it helps drive traffic depending on how it was written. 

Even if Google stated that meta descriptions do not directly influence a webpage’s overall search engine ranking, it still has a huge effect on the click-through rate or CTR from the organic search results. 

So, how do meta descriptions work? First, a well-composed meta description helps increase a web page’s click-through rate and drives organic traffic from SERPs such as Google and Bing. 

Not to mention, meta descriptions also create the first impression of the searchers which are also potential customers. 

What makes a nice meta description? There are tons of meta description examples you can find on the web. However, each of them is unique from one another. 

So, it would be best to read the rest of this post to provide the five best tips in making a good-quality and impactful meta description.

Keep it Compact and Direct

Meta descriptions do not have a required number of words to make them impactful and interesting in describing a webpage. However, the most impactful meta descriptions use short statements which do not exceed two sentences.

According to SEO experts, the sweetest spot to write a meta description is between 125 to 160 characters.

Use an Active Voice or Tone

Considering that meta descriptions describe what the webpage or content is, it should be inviting and catches the searcher’s attention. So, one must write the meta description in an active voice or perhaps a more motivating or encouraging voice. Also, one should avoid using metaphors to avoid confusion and false expectations.

Always Use Call-to-Action

Since meta descriptions are part of an SEO strategy, one must create their meta description using call-to-action phrases. It is to encourage the searchers to click on the web page or content. Using call-to-action phrases insists they not just click but engage with the web page, which is an effective way to drive organic traffic. 

The best call-to-action phrases are: Read on, Find out here, Grab the offer now, Learn More, Try it now, etc.

Always Make Sure the Meta Description Matches the Content

Many people are carried away with their emotions in making a meta-description while trying to persuade people to click on their content. Unfortunately, it results in an irrelevant meta description that does not match the web page or content. 

Google will not recognize and even penalize meta descriptions that do not match or are irrelevant to the content. Google finds these meta descriptions as a sign of a clickbait. 

It is very important to compose a meta description that completely and accurately describes the content or the webpage. By doing this, accurate meta descriptions also help the web page or content increase its bounce rate.

Compose it Uniquely

Lastly, meta descriptions that are one-of-a-kind are always attractive to read. However, a very basic statement will push searchers away from clicking on the web page or content. Thus, one should always put thought into the meta descriptions they make. Otherwise, their web page or content will not be recognized by Google. 

Good meta description examples are those that contain a very short snippet of the content’s article. 

Meta descriptions have a sign of a webpage or a content’s impact on SEO efforts. Thus, one should always put time and effort into creating a good-quality meta description. 

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