What can you do with an animation degree?

What can you do with an animation degree?

An animation degree can prepare graduates for careers in entertainment, art, advertising, design, films, and multimedia. In most cases, employers require a minimum of an undergraduate degree. As a student of animation, the best way is to start early on building your portfolio and gaining some exposure in the industry even before joining the workforce. You will be eligible to do most jobs with a BA in animation.

What can you do with an animation degree?

Animation graduates can work in an area of fields like graphic design, multimedia, finance arts, corporate jobs, and even as a freelancer. Students can also work for a niche career path by choosing specific concentration. 

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In this article we will take you through some of the most popular animation degree career choices that you can pursue after your education.

  • Game development:

Almost all video games require advanced artistic and technical animation starting from the design, prototype, and the entire program game. Students of designing carry on research, come up with character sketches and work on the development of the story. Most game developers use production tools like adobe animate to develop games played on computer and mobile applications.

  • Character animation :

Graphic designers and artists develop memorable characters for online games and videos. Graphic designers are trained on technical and artistic grounds for developing sophisticated realistic characters to keep the interest of the consumers. Students learn A variety of topics such as visual design, live drawing, dialogue creation, and sound effects.

  • Visual effects:

Graduates with degrees in animation learn how to create illusions and perfectly simulated environments and events with the help of software and tools such as the Adobe After-effects. Experts turn the digital imagery into seemingly real live action footage. The courses also cover topics like storytelling and dialogues, 3-D layering in after effects, and in creating 3-D particle systems.

  • Advertising:

Graduates can also work extensively in the field of advertising. Animators or artists are needed to create Online advertising campaigns, digital branding, multimedia storytelling et cetera students also there and about social media branding strategies and how design influences campaigns.

How to Start a Career in Animation?

If you wish to proceed for a career in animation, you will need a sizeable and impressive portfolio of work besides having a bachelors or a master’s degree in animation. There are also multiple courses available online to teach you programs at your own pace. Creative students with a BA degree can work on entry-level animation work profiles. Some employers also require some industry experience for which taking a part of internships and volunteering is highly advisable while you are student. Internships will offer you a competitive advantage in this industry over your peers.

Some specialized fields and high-level work profiles may also require a master’s degree in which students usually tend to specialize in particular areas. Students with master’s degree have advanced skills in areas like character animation, stop motion, special effects, as well as 3D character animation.

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